Production in China

You want to produce your products in China, because the production costs are lower and you can have bigger batches delivered than with European suppliers. But the complexity of producing in China can bring some risks. In that case, We R Asia is your production partner in China.

Due to our experience with producing in China, Vietnam and India and our local presence within Asia we can find the best suppliers in China that fit to your quality and sustainability requirements. This is how we take care of the full process from supplier search to delivery at your door. What do we do for you?

Based on your wishes we search for a supplier that can produce your products in China, and that fits to your requirements. We will start a sampling project at these supplier(s), until you agree to the final product. Only then we start producing in China.

We frequently perform quality checks and audits at our suppliers that produce for us in China. This is how we make sure that we can keep track of the progress and quality of your production, and we can adjust it where needed.

When the production of your products is finished, we make sure that we import the products from China and deliver them at your desired location. This way we can take care of the whole process of importing from China, from product to delivery.

Production in China

We R Asia was founded in 2007, which is why we have years long experience with the best sourcing from China. Our method consists of high European quality management, performed by our teams in sourcing, project management and quality controllers.

Since the start of We R Asia, we have an office in China with 6 Chinese colleagues. Some of them have been our colleagues since the beginning, and they take care of the good connection with our suppliers in China. As often as possible, one of our Dutch project managers goes to China, to keep in contact with our suppliers, but especially also with our people.

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Benefits of producing in China

Producing your products in China can be a big step for your company, which comes with a lot of challenges. So what are the advantages of producing in China?

Production costs in China are often lower than in Europe. This makes working together with suppliers in China a very attractive option for many companies.
When your company grows, you want your production to follow this growth. The scalability of producing in China can be a large advantage in this.

Personalising products or customising products is very common in China. Companies often choose to add a certain color or print to a product for customisation. 

A production parter in China contributes to a spread in geographical risk in your supply chain. This also allows for more flexibility.

Producers in China are often more flexible in custom productions. They do not like to say 'no' and want to build a business relationship for the long term. This means they will also go the extra mile for you.

Possible risks of producing in China

Producing in countries such as China can be an exciting process for your company. It is then very important to work together with a well-established partner that has enough knowledge and expertise to guide you through this process. Since 2007, We R Asia has been guiding companies with their production in China, Vietnam or India. Curious to see what the possibilities are? You can contact us here!

When you produce in China, this often happens in large quantities. When something goes wrong and your products arrive in the Netherlands with defects, it is often too late. With our own colleagues in China, we are on top of the process and we can spot mistakes early. 

Producing in China often means that you order large quantities for a lower price. This does go hand in hand with high quality and often a high degree of customisability. 

Sourcing is a tricky and time consuming process. You need to find a supplier in China that can produce your products. And there are so many different suppliers in China. Which one is the right one for you? Luckily, We R Asia has the data, expertise and local presence to find that perfect fit for you.

A small percentage of the Chinese population speaks English well. The new generation is constantly improving, but you will still be confronted with a language barrier. Our own colleagues in China are a big advantage to overcome this barrier.

When you produce your products in China, your products will without a doubt have longer transport windows than in Europe. The high quality customized products and lower production costs in China often make the difference here. 

Outsourcing production

When your request is internally discussed and sent out, our teams in China will find the right supplier for your products. These suppliers have to meet the quality and sustainability requirements that you set. We only start the sample production when you fully agree.

After approval of the sample, the supplier is informed that official production can begin. During the production process our team in China performs regular quality assurance checks to make sure that the delivered product matches the desired standards and norms. In the meantime, we’ll keep you informed on overall progress and important information about production in China.

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Producing in China, Vietnam or India?

With our local teams we can do an extensive search into the right suppliers in in China for your company. This is of course the same for Vietnam and India.

We R Asia: sourcing from A to Z

We are active in Asia since 2007, and therefore have long experience with sourcing from China. We R Asia is therefore capable to optimally support you in exploiting the advantages and mitigating the disadvantages of production in Asia. That is how you can focus on the things that you are good at.