Product sourcing Asia

You want to start with product sourcing Asia, because the production costs are lower and you can get bigger batches delivered within a shorter timespan than with European suppliers. But the complexity of producing in Asia can cause some risks. In that case, We R Asia is the production partner for you in Asia!

With our experience in guiding sourcing from Asia and our local presence in China, Vietnam and India we can find a supplier that fits perfectly to your quality and sustainability requirements.

Product sourcing Asia with We R Asia means that we take complete care of your process from search to delivery. What do we do for you exactly?

Based on your wishes we search for a supplier that can produce your products in Asia, and that fits to your requirements. We will start a sampling project at these supplier(s), until you agree to the final product. Only then we start product sourcing Asia.

We frequently perform quality checks and audits at our suppliers that produce for us in Asia. This is how we make sure that we can keep track of the progress and quality of your production, and we can adjust it where needed.

When the production of your request is finalised and the Product sourcing Asia is finished, we will make sure that your products are delivered at your desired location through sea or ocean freight. That's why you do not have to worry about any step in product sourcing India!

Why choose We R Asia?

From sourcing to delivery

Our teams in the Netherlands and Asia support you in the whole product sourcing process


Sourcing only starts when you agree with your 'golden sample'

Sustainable sourcing

We ensure the use of sustainable materials, second sourcing and factory audits

Quality checks

Before and during the sourcing process, we frequently perform quality checks 

Our teams

We R Asia was founded in 2007, which is why we have years long experience with the best sourcing from Asia. Our method consists of high European quality management, performed by our teams in sourcing, project management and quality controllers.

To make Product sourcing Asia succesvol uit te voeren hebben we lokale teams in China, Vietnam en India. Regelmatig gaat ook een van onze projectmanagers naar onze teams in Azië. Zo houden we nauw contact met onze mensen en onze leveranciers, en zorgen we dat het sourcingtraject in Azië soepel verloopt voor jouw bedrijf.

Curious to see the teams that make your process of product sourcing Asia a success? Below you can check our complete team.

Sustainable Production Sourcing Asia

Producing in Asia can bring many challenges and risks, but also many benefits. Production costs are lower, the scalability of your production is higher and you have a healthy risk spread in your production.


With product sourcing Asia at We R Asia, we make sure that all our suppliers adhere to the quality and sustainability requirements of your company. These suppliers are often checked by our teams in Asia, to ensure that the agreed quality levels are met. 


We work together with our suppliers toward increasingly sustainable products from Asia, by searching together for valuable product innovations. This is how we make sure that your products from Asia are taken care of, and you can focus on your strengths.

Product Sourcing Asia: from request to delivery

When your request is discussed and sent out, our team in the Netherlands will focus on the country that fits best to your product. Our local team in that country will then find potential suppliers for your product sourcing Asia. These suppliers have to follow your quality and sustainability requirements. Sample production will only start when you say go.

After approval of the sample, the supplier is informed that official production can begin. During the production process, our team in India performs regular quality assurance checks to make sure that the delivered product matches the desired standards and norms. In the meantime, we’ll keep you informed on overall progress and important information about product sourcing Asia.

Curious about what we can do for your company? Feel free to contact us!

Product sourcing in Asia: our working method