Sourcing & manufacturing in Asia

Are you looking for a supplier in Vietnam, China or India to handle the production of a big batch of unique products?

We R Asia has been specialized in the outsourcing of made-to-order manufacturing in Asia since 2007. Headquartered in the Netherlands, we collaborate with our colleagues in China, Vietnam and India to find the best supplier for your product. We guide the entire process, from the sample production to delivery.

We have worked with a wide variety of products, ranging from stuffed animals to kitchen sinks. That’s not to say that we aren’t also active in industrial and technical manufacturing. Want to know more about the different product categories we service? Take a look below!

Icon Machines, industriële onderdelen _ gereedschap

Machines, Industrial Parts & Tools

Icon Kleding, textiel _ accessoires

Clothing, Textiles & Accessories

Icon Auto, motor _ fietsonderdelen

Automotive, Motorcycle & Bicycle Parts

Icon Geschenken, sport _ speelgoed

Gifts, Sporting Goods & Toys

Medisch en hygiëne | We R Asia

Medical & Hygiene

Icon Thuis, verlichting _ bouw

Home, Lighting 
& Construction

Machines, Industrial Parts & Tools

Machines en industriële onderdelen - Maatwerk produceren in China en Azië

Even the smallest part needs to be of the utmost quality in order to keep the machine running. Luckily, our specialists in China, Vietnam and India know the perfect supplier for every part!

Whether you need one part from one supplier, or multiple parts from many suppliers—we’ll find you the right people to get the job done.

Clothing, Textiles & Accessories

Productcategorie textiel - Maatwerk produceren in China en Azië

We’re happy to help you outsource your clothing-, accessory-, and textile manufacturing to Asia, something we have a lot of experience in.

Are you curious as to the possibilities? Find some inspiration in the products that our past clients have had produced.

Automotive, Motorcycle & Bicycle Parts

Productcategorie auto-onderdelen fietsonderdelen - Maatwerk produceren in China en Azië

Whether they’re meant for the winners, hobbyists, or thrillseekers—or those of us who just want to get from A to B. Automotive-, motorcycle-, or bicycle parts need to be safe, first and foremost. With many of these clients under our belt, we have a proven track record in this regard

Take a look at some of our past institutional clients, to see what our team can do for you.

Gifts, Sporting Goods & Toys

Productcategorie geschenken en speelgoed - Maatwerk produceren in China en Azië

Whether you want to manufacture an Abacus or a Fitbit, we’ll find a Asian supplier that fulfils your firm’s needs. We only connect you to the highest quality suppliers, with the most responsible track records.

By now, many of our clients have outsourced their gift, sporting goods, and toy manufacturing through us. As a result, we’re acquainted with a wide array of suppliers across Asia.

Medical & Hygiene

The health of our society is important, especially now. It is of great importance that measures are taken to protect our most vulnerable. With this large demand in medical products, it can be difficult to reach producers in this sector. Luckily, we are physically present and are in direct contact with the best suppliers and producers. We therefore have access to a large variety high-quality medical products.

Home, Lighting & Construction

Productcategorie meubels verlichting bouw - Maatwerk produceren in China en Azië

Are you on the market for ceramic washbasins? Or perhaps a hand-made garden fireplace? In either case, we have significant experience working with suppliers specializing in home, garden, and construction products. 

Read more about our existing clients that have had these goods produced in Asia.

Happy Chinese New Year!

In the past year we strengthened our team and helped many clients to produce succesfully in China, Vietnam or India. We will go into the Chinese new year with happiness. We hope everyone can have a very happy Chinese new year as well!

Schumi kwaliteitsinspecteur We-R-Asia. productie in China en Vietnam

"Quality is 

my expertise."


Quality assurance inspector in China

“Quality assurance is my responsibility. During the production process, I check whether or not the products fulfil our stringent quality standard. I also make sure that the factory complies with the sustainability targets set by We R Asia."

We would be more than happy to invite you to inspect your own manufactured goods in China with Jack!