Quality control Vietnam

You choose to produce your products in Vietnam or somewhere else in Asia, and you want these products to follow your quality standards. This is possible with our quality control Vietnam. From the Netherlands it is difficult to check the quality of your production process in Asia, especially during these times. So therefore we perform quality checks for you locally in Vietnam!

With our local presence in China, Vietnam and India we are close to the production process and communication is not a barrier. This is how we can perform a complete and extensive quality check at your supplier.

Our quality controllers work according to the method developed in our office in the Netherlands, which stands voor high-quality European quality management, performed by our teams in sourcing, project management and quality checks.

This is how quality control Vietnam works at We R Asia, so you can focus on your strengths. What do we do for you exactly?

First we investigate the materials and production process of your product, and we ask about the quality requirements of your product. We also look into the reputation of your supplier. This how we can prepare the quality control Vietnam as thorough as possible.

Our quality controller in Vietnam performs the quality check physically at the supplier. We will test some samples to check their quality and materials. We also check the working environment in the production facility.

We will write an extensive report on our findings, and of course share this with you. Does this show that the quality is not at the desired level after our quality control Vietnam? Then we can help you find a supplier that fits perfectly to your quality requirements.

Our quality controllers

From our team in the Netherlands we work closely together with our team in Vietnam. Path, quality controller in team Vietnam, performs the quality checks for our suppliers in Vietnam.

"It is very important for us that a supplier can adhere to the quality and sustainability requirements of our customer. We can only guarantee this by visiting the factories and asking the right questions." - Path, quality cotroller

We are more than happy to invite you to check your production process together with Linh and Path in Vietnam after a quality control Vietnam!

Curious to see our colleagues that perform quality checks for you in Asia? Below you can check out our whole team.

Quality checks Vietnam: Report

In the report that you will receive after our quality control Vietnam you will find an extensive review of the supplier. You can also find details about the used materials and about the quality of the production process.

With our quality control Vietnam we give a transparant picture of the circumstances at the production facility. For example, a safe working environment and enough free time for the workers. We R Asia aims for sustainable and responsible production, with a quality as high as possible.

Sustainable quality from Vietnam

Producing in Vietnam can bring many challenges and risks, but also many benefits. Production costs are lower, the scalability of your production is higher and you have a healthy risk spread in your production.

At We R Asia, we make sure that all our suppliers adhere to the quality and sustainability requirements of your company. These suppliers are often checked by our team with our quality control Vietnam so that the agreed upon quality is achieved.

We work together with our suppliers toward increasingly sustainable products from Vietnam, by searching together for valuable product innovations. This is how we make sure that your products from Vietnam are taken care of, and you can focus on your strengths.