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We R Asia has specialized in the outsourcing of production to China, Vietnam and India since 2007. Together with our local teams, we guide you in sourcing, mediating and delivering sustainable production in and from Asia. 

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The benefits of producing in China, Vietnam and India

When you are looking into outsourcing your production, you have the opportunity to find suppliers in Europe or Asia. We always recommend to find a supplier in Europe when possible. But when you do find that a supplier in Asia is more beneficial for your situation, we aim to help you produce as sustainable as possible in Asia. Quality and reliability are our number 1 priorities in this process.

But what is the benefit of producing in China, Vietnam or India? First, the cost price of the products is lower and production efficiency is higher. Next to those benefits, the production process will be cared for completely. Through our physical presence in The Netherlands, China, Vietnam and India, you do not have to worry about the sourcing process from request to delivery. Therefore, you can focus on what you like to do for your business.

Are you thinking about outsourcing your production to Asia and are you curious about what we can do for you? Feel free to reach out to us via +31 413 395 250 or info@we-r-asia.com