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Do you want to produce customized products in China, Vietnam or India? But it seems impossible to find the right supplier?

Thanks to our local presence in Asia since 2007, we’ve built up a vast network of custom suppliers and manufacturers to help you bring to life the exact product you're looking for. We work especially closely with firms whose unique order quantities fall between 500-1000 pieces with a minimum cost of 20,000 euro. We are able to serve this target audience with a very wide product scope thanks to our local network.

Want to know if we can guide your production? Take a look at our various production categories and examples of our customers.

Industrial parts
& Tools

Automotive, Motorcycle
& Bicycle parts


Machines, Industrial Parts & Tools

We are able to outsource a wide variety of machine parts, industrial parts and tools at our Chinese suppliers. Are you looking for the production of car cleaning attributes or luxurious garden gloves? We R Asia is the right address for these, and many more!

Have any questions related to the production of a large quantity of machines, industrial parts or tools? Feel free to contact us in order to find out more about how we can fulfil your needs.

Automotive, Motorcycle & Bicycle Parts

We R Asia is an experienced player in the field of automotive, motorcycle, and bicycle parts. We supply, among others, the production for large firms such as Meybo, and international BMX frame distribution giant. We also handle the production of multiple vehicle parts for Deijne for example. We are able to to outsource everything in these categories, pending selection of a supplier that fulfils your and our quality standards. This includes both pre-assembled, and unassembled components. Want to know your options at We R Asia? Feel free to contact us! | We R Asia


You would like to outsource the production of your electronic product in Asia. Here, fortunately, we can guide you like the best. We have gained a lot of experience within this product category. Like producing batteries for electric bikes for

In addition, we apply for CE certifications for your product, allowing you to enter the European and American market. 

Are you curious as to the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

Medical & Hygiene

Sporting Goods & Toys

Home, Lighting
& Construction

Medical & Hygiene

Because of the corona pandemic, we are more aware about our health. Protection plays an important role in protecting our health. Through the high demand, it can be difficult to get enough products within this sector. Luckily, we are locally present, which means that we know the best suppliers for a very broad spectrum of medical and hygiene products, such as masks and gloves. Curious what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us in order to find out more about how we can fulfil your needs.

Sporting Goods & Toys

Sporting Goods & Toys is a broad category in which we have a lot of experience. For instance, we produce calculation boxes for Menne Instituutan institution that develops effective mathematics programs for elementary schools.

Other projects have included the production of stuffed animal toys for the brand EQUUS.

Whatever you want to produce regarding sporting goods or toys, we will always look for the best supplier for your product. Are you curious about what we can do for you and the opportunities? Feel free to contact us in order to find out more about how we can fulfil your needs.

Home, Lighting & Construction

In the category home, lighting, and construction is where we really feel at home. We have, for example, been working locally with a number of wash basin manufacturers for several years now. The world renowned brand Primabad has been working with We R Asia to outsource part of their collection for a number of years now, as well as ThebaluxBesides the product sourcing of sinks, we also have a lot of experience with the production of mirror, for instance for our client Weltevree, as well as grill barbecues for AdezzDo you want to source a big amount of products regarding home, lighting or construction? Please leave your contact details at our contact pageand we’ll reach out to you right away!



Private events, festivals, and other parties or celebrations: organizing events really involves all kinds of things. Like covers for your table for your event or lockers for your festival.

Are you looking for a product that you want to use for your event and curious about the opportunities? Feel free to contact us here!