Product import from China

Do you want to produce a unique run of 1,000 products in China? Having a tough time finding the right supplier? We R Asia will take over your production in China, Vietnam and India and find the right supplier to produce your products in Asia with our skilled international team.

Thanks to our local presence to produce in Asia and our experience with importing products since 2007, we know where to find the right supplier for your import from China.

We serve companies with unique orders of around 500 to 1.000 units with a minimum value of 40.000 euro in a wide range of products.

Curious to know how we can make your products in China? Below you can find our product categories and examples of our customers. Whether it's about industrial parts or toys, we can produce it in China.

Based on your wishes we search for a supplier that can produce your products in China, and that fits to your requirements. We will start a sampling project at these supplier(s), until you agree to the final product. Only then we start producing in China.
We frequently perform quality checks and audits at our suppliers that produce for us in China. This is how we make sure that we can keep track of the progress and quality of your production, and we can adjust it where needed.

When the production of your products is finished, we make sure that we import the products from China and deliver them at your desired location. This way we can take care of the whole process of importing from China, from product to delivery.

Team China

Since the start of We R Asia, we have an office in China, with 5 Chinese team members. Every 2 or 3 months, someone from our Dutch team goes to China. To check how everybody is doing, but also to visit our suppliers. This is how we stay connected with each other, but also with our suppliers.

We R Asia was founded in 2007, which is how we have a lot of experience with importing products from China. We oversee your production process with care, with the right people close to our suppliers and customers.

Our vision stands for high European quality management, performed by our teams in sourcing, project management and quality controllers. Below you can check out our other local teams in The Netherlands, Vietnam and India.

Outsourcing production

When your request is internally discussed and sent out, our team in China will find the right supplier for your products. These suppliers have to meet the quality and sustainability requirements that you set. We only start the sample production when you fully agree.

After approval of the sample, the supplier is informed that official production in China can begin. During the production process on of our Asian teams performs regular quality assurance checks to make sure that the delivered product matches the desired standards and norms. In the meantime, we’ll keep you informed on overall progress and important information about import from China.

Quality checks

If you choose to produce your products in China, you of course want to make sure these products follow any desired quality standards. From the Netherlands, it is difficult to control the quality of your production, even more in these challenging times.

Luckily we can completely take care of your quality checks during the process of import from China. We are on top of your production and communication is not a barrier due to our local presence in China. This way, you can fully focus on your strengths.

Curious about what we can do for your company? Feel free to contact us!