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Studio Statement: making a statement with your jewelry

Studio Statement Studio Statement is a Dutch jewelry brand. They only sell gold-colored stainless steel jewelry. Think of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Studio Statement was born from the idea that with jewelry you can tell something, i.e. make a statement. The brand stands for quality, self-assurance and style. They want to pass this feeling on to everyone. Wearing the jewelry makes you feel more complete. For whatever occasion, you will find it at Studio Statement.

The creation of Studio Statement

Lauren of Studio Statement says: 'All my life I dreamed of starting my own jewelry brand. A year and a half ago I followed my dream and started looking for the best way to do that. The brand was born from the idea that you can say something with jewelry, and thus make a statement. Here I find quality, self-assurance and style important. This is why I preferred to produce the jewelry myself and so I ended up at We R Asia.'

Studio Statement | We R Asia

Studio Statement and We R Asia

'In the first meeting with We R Asia, we went over everything and checked whether my wished matched We R Asia's services. This turned out to be the case. We got along really well right away. Then the sampling process began and I actually went through the entire process. We R Asia took the whole production process out of my hands. After all, arranging it myself is very difficult. We R Asia took into account what I wanted and remained transparent. They really relieved me. It is not only the production process that they took out of my hands. We R Asia really thought about the total picture and the branding. How do I envision it? How am I going to market and sell my brand? How is the collection put together? Everyone is really involved.'

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