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E-bikeaccu.nl: the online e-bikeaccu specialist for your bike

E-bikeaccu.nl is the online specialist for your e-bikeaccu, charger and other accessories with which, with 8 different websites in Europe, they make it easy, accessible and as fair in price as possible for consumers to replace their bicycle battery when something is wrong with it.

The start of e-bikeaccu.nl

Tom from E-bikeaccu.nl says: 'What you actually see is that when consumers go to a bike store, they are actually talked into buying a new bike by the bike shop, which mainly due to their profit perspective, because there is much more margin on that. The whole bike industry, and especially the dealers, are not that keen on selling a battery, because there is not that much margin on it. Your bike is still almost new after 4/5 years. It can easily last for years. Buying a new bike just because your battery does not work anymore is a waste. For your own wallet, but especially for the environment, it is much better to give your bike a second life by buying a new bike battery.'

E-bikeaccu.nl | We R Asia

E-bikeaccu.nl and We R Asia

'The first meeting with We R Asia was very nice. We already had ambitions to come up and develop our own product line, but we were still in the early stages of our company. We did say then that we would take this up together, even if it takes longer. We made that commitment to each other. Despite our expectations, we actually started sourcing very quickly. Our company was growing fast, so placing our first own order for our product line was much faster than we expected. That's actually how it started. Now, we are expanding with our own brand line, continuously sourcing, and making sure that we broaden and improve our product range more and more. In this regard, the quality inspections that We R Asia performs for us in China with our suppliers are very valuable to us. In addition, they really take the whole production process out of our hands. We do not have to worry about the production process and therefore do not have to concern ourselves with it. That is just really nice.'

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