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Uitbesteding van productie Twistea in Azië | We R Asia

Collaborating on the perfect product: Twistea

Twistea is one our most unique clients, a truly remarkable tea company. Founder Mark van den Bogaert loved loose tealeaves, but realized that he hadn’t yet encountered an elegant way to present a selection of teas—authentic, loose tealeaves. Twistea was born.

Mark’s concept is a teadispenser filled with worldly scents and flavours—an idea this great couldn’t be left on the drawing board! After a thorough selection process for the absolute best suppliers, and various rounds of sampling and testing, the Twistea’s production is currently being facilitated by We R Asia.

Naturally the teadispenser is continuously adjusted and improved, tested and refined. So it's appearance is like it supposed to be: exclusive and comfort. Even as its quality.

Twistea is one of our many versatile clients we happily collaborate with. Are you curious if we meet your specific product wishes? Don't hasitate and give us a call!