How we work



Once we have received your request and looked at it in detail, one of our employees will contact you to discuss your request step by step. When all matters are discussed, we send your request to our office in China. Our team members in China will find the suitable supplier and request all the necessary information.

As soon as we received all information from China, we will provide you with a customised quotation. If you accept our offer, we will send you an order confirmation and start the sample production.



As soon as the first samples are ready, they will be shipped to our offices in the Netherlands in order for our to team to give their approval. Only when we are satisfied with the result, will the samples be shipped to you. However, if you are not satisfied, we will have the sample produced again according to your adjustments. Only after receiving your approval of the sample, will the production be started.



During the production process we continuously perform quality control checks to make sure the product meets all standards and requirements. During the process we keep you updated on the progress, so you know what to expect at any time.



The production process is completed and your products are ready for shipment. In your request you have indicated your preferred method of shipment, either by sea or air, or both if you wish.

As soon as your products arrive in the Netherlands, we will collect the shipment and deliver the products to the indicated address.

Please let us know if you would like your products to be delivered abroad. We will make sure your products will arrive at the indicated address.

Mission & Vision


"‘We R Asia strives to deliver high quality products to the European market by making ethical choices in all aspects of the production process in Asia, and aims to distinguish itself through this way of working while achieving growth."


"We R Asia purchases directly from production partners in Asia. As a result we can provide our customers with high quality - and competitively priced products. Our entire production process is taking place in a transparent and conscious manner, according to the European quality standards and the agreed deadline"